Vedic Astrology Special Event

2019 Special Event

Restoring the Balance: Incorporating Vedic astrology and philosophy into our modern lives

Sunday March 24th - at Fivelements Bali | 10:00am to 2:00pm

BaliSpirit Festival and Fivelements Bali are excited to bring you a truly special offering, an afternoon with Jeffrey Armstrong.

Join world-renown Author, Teacher, Vedic Astrologer, and founder of the Vedic Academy of Sciences and Arts, Jeffrey Armstrong as he delves into "Restoring the Balance: Incorporating Vedic astrology and philosophy into our modern lives", with a visit to Fivelements and gourmet plant-based luncheon.


Fivelements, Bali is an award-winning eco-conscious wellness retreat deeply rooted in the ancient traditions of Bali - a perfect location to wind down, learn and enjoy a healthy gourmet lunch.



You can enjoy access to this unique property, accompanied by intimate perspective from one of the foremost experts in Vedic Astrology and how it applies to our modern lives in the west.

Additionally, profits from this event will go toward the not-for-profit that the festival works year-round to support, Bali Re:Green, planting bamboo in East Bali, and Ayo Kita Bicara HIV/AIDS, offering HIV & AIDS education and prevention throughout Bali.

  • 10:00-10:30 Shuttles depart from KAFE on Jln. Hanoman
  • 10:30-11:30 Arrive at Fivelements and enjoy this unique venue
  • 11:30-12:30 Seminar with Jeffrey Armstrong
  • 12:30- 14:00 Gourmet Lunch at Fivelements
  • 14:00 Departure back to Ubud

All levels of women and men welcome, no experience or prior knowledge of Vedic astrology necessary.

Meet the facilitator

Jeffrey Armstrong will challenge your mind and open your heart and show you a vision of a new world that blends modern science with timeless wisdom. Part guru, part poet, a CEO with endless energy and passion, he considers himself "an astronaut of inner space" and believes that a instinctual need for balance is what has led to the unprecedented popularity of yoga. Jeffrey's clear-eyed perspective of the issues facing the world paired with his humour and humanity take audiences on an incredible journey. Jeffrey's innovative fusion of Western technology/psychology and Eastern wisdom offers a revolutionary new vision for cutting-edge businesses, high-performance individuals and today's youth who desire to integrate universal spiritual values, a healthy lifestyle and the desire to protect the environment for future generations.


This is a special event with limited capacity and is NOT INCLUDED any festival ticket. In order to attend, you need to purchase a separate ticket for this event.

Vedic Astrology Special Event tickets are on sale for $50 online bookings only! Abundance Passholders can purchase this ticket with 20% discount (see your Abundance Pass electronic ticket for details).